By the R & D Department (Research and Development) of SmartSystem, a leading manufacturer of high-end film equipment completely “Made in Italy”, borns ShootRig.
ShootRig puts  the end user and his complete satisfaction at the center of its business model through a new concept:


From a careful and accurate selection from OEM catalog of foreign and/or Italian producers, the main goal of ShootRig is to offer its customers a line of low cost end-to-end products but with high performance. ShootRig does not just sell a product, but studies it, enriching it and tests in order to make something new and better suited to the real needs of the consumer.

The reliability of ShootRig products is a priority for our team, which is committed every day in the selection, re-engineering and production of all those parts that may bear any instability to the product.
ShootRig boasts a top class technical support, directly on the ground, with hands-on approach to potential problems or difficulties observed by the user. Thanks to the Fast-Response Team (FRT) ShootRig is able to act quickly and provide solutions as quickly as possible to the customer in need.